NEWs & updates for the week

of January 23-29

Sabbath services

Sabbath School/Bible study classes are meeting on Zoom and our worship service will begin at 11:15 am to allow for travel time after classes end.

 (rev 8/28/21)

Our Children's Sabbath School class is meeting in-person, in the Fellowship Hall from 10:15-11:00 am.
(rev. 10/16)

Scan the QR Code pictured or click the link below to view our online GHAF Church Bulletin for this Sabbath:

The Message

Pastor CJ Yoon is
our speaker this week

bible Study/Sabbath School Classes

Beginner's Class

Our Beginner's Class is open to ages 0-6.  This class starts at 10:15 in-person downstairs.  Parents/guardians are invited to stay and participate with children 0-3 yrs. 

Traditional Class

Our traditional class is studying "The Harmony of the Gospels". This virtual class starts at 9:15 am via Zoom.  

Interactive Adult Sabbath School Class
Our Interactive Adult Class is studying the Sabbath School Quarterly.  This virtual class starts at 9:15 am via Zoom.

Upper Room Class

Our Upper Room class is discussing the book "Dusk, Night, Dawn" by Ann Lamott. This virtual class starts at 9:30 am via Zoom.  

Praying 7-7-7

We are praying at 7 am, 7 pm, 7 days a week specifically for our church's prayer life and walk with the Spirit.

Join us in praying for surrender to His will, for continued filling of the Spirit, and for discernment for our next steps as a church. If you can't pray at those exact times, please join us as your schedule allows.